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Wes Montgomery's Solo on "The Way You Look Tonight" (PDF)

The first few bars of Wes Montgomery on The Way You Look Tonight - free guitar solo transcription

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01) Django – Joe Pass

Joe plays "Django" by John Lewis - a classic solo.
You find this one on Joes' "For Django", one of his finest recordings.

What you get: Standard notation + Tabs, 7 pages

02) The Way You Look Tonight – Wes Montgomery

One of my favorite Wes solos - "The Way You Look Tonight" is from the CD "Guitar On The Go", Riverside Records, 1963. The transcribed solo is the alternate take. It is hard enough to play it with a pick - but how could Wes play this with his thumb???

What you get: Standard notation + Tabs, 7 pages

03) Rugged Road – Robben Ford

A fantastic short solo by Robben Ford from his brilliant CD "Handful Of Blues". In my ears a perfect blend of down home blues and jazz lines.

What you get: Standard notation + Tabs, 3 pages

04) Rattletrap – Frank Gambale

This is an absolutely amazing solo by Frank Gambale! I found it on Youtube and I had to transcribe it.
I`m not sure if there is somebody on this planet except Frank who can play this, but maybe you can get some good stuff out of it. The fingerings are just suggestions in the parts where the camera didn`t film Frank. Also I had to guess some of the notes in the ultra fast sweep sections.

What you get: Standard notation + Tabs, 6 pages

05) Rhythm Changes – Jim Mullen

Jim Mullen transcription of his outstanding rhythm changes solo on Youtube. Have fun and take a look at Jims cool and effortless way of quoting: If I were a rich man, Sweet Georgia brown, Let`s fall in love, Bewitched, bothered and bewildered and more...

What you get: Standard notation + Tabs, 8 pages

06) Draw me down – Pat Martino

This is a transcription of one of my favourite Pat solos from the CD "Nightwings" - highly recommended! Endless, fluent lines with perfect phrasing.

What you get: Standard notation + Tabs, 9 pages

07) I'll Drink to that – George Benson

This is a great Benson line from his solo on the song "I'll drink to that" on the Jimmy Smith album "off the top". Beautiful CD with Mr Benson in top form. There are several fingerings possible - I could not find an easy one ;-) Transcription is only the doubletime-chorus.

What you get: Standard notation + Tabs, 2 pages

08) Cookin'at the Continental – Paulo Morello, Helmut Kagerer, Larry Coryell

Jazz guitar solo transcription from the guitar quartet CD "Night Of Jazz Guitars" - 3 solos by Paulo Morello, Helmut Kagerer and Larry Coryell over an uptempo Blues.

What you get: Standard notation + Tabs, 8 pages

09) Tadds'Delight – Larry Coryell

Phantastic short solo by Larry Coryell on the chord changes of Tadd's Delight by Tadd Dameron. Cool outside effects while staying in the bebop language - that's the way we like it! The upper chords are the changes of the tune, the lower ones Coryell's superimpositions. The song is from our CD "Night of Jazz Guitars".

What you get: Standard notation + Tabs, 2 pages

10) Off the Top – George Benson

This is another killer Benson solo from the Jimmy Smith record „Off The Top“. I couldn't upload a video to this one because Youtube didn't like it.

What you get: Standard notation + Tabs, 4 pages

11) Happy Floating (Rhythm Changes) - Karl Ratzer

This is a burning Rhythm Changes solo by Austrian master guitarist Karl Ratzer, one of my all time favorite players. It is the title track from his record "Happy Floating" from 1994. Go and get this CD - it is full of great guitar stuff!.

What you get: Standard notation + Tabs, 5 pages

12) Lovesong – The Cure / Adele – David Plate

Guest transcription:
This arrangement is a transcription of the finger-picking-version as played by David Plate. The recording has some improvisational moments. In order to make it not too complicated, and to keep it playable also for non-professional guitar players, some bars had been simplified a little bit.

Contact David Plate

What you get: Standard notation + Tabs, 3 pages

13) All The Things You Are – George Benson

George Bensons fantastic single note solo on "All The Things You Are" from the 1973 release: George Benson Quartet - Live at Casa Caribe Club

What you get: Standard notation + Tabs, 6 pages

14) Three solos on "Speed" from the 2013 "Hammond Eggs" Trio album "Back In The Pan"

Randy Brecker / Jermaine Landsberger / Paulo Morello
Three solos on Jermaine Landsbergers composition "Speed" from the 2013 "Hammond Eggs" Trio album "Back In The Pan" that also features tenor great Bob Mintzer. Interesting to see how everybody improvises some different stuff over the same chord changes.

What you get: Standard notation + Tabs, 12 pages

15) Joe Pass - The Night Has A Thousand Eyes

Another swinging solo by jazz guitar master Joe Pass. From the album "Joy Spring", recorded live in 1965.

What you get: Standard notation + Tabs, 10 pages

16) Pat Martino - Mr. PC

This is from the album „Young Guns“ by Gene Ludwig and Pat Martino released in 2014 on HighNote. It is a live recording from 1967. You can hear young Mr. Martino at the top of his game - some of his most amazing playing. Be sure to check out the complete album, it's fantastic!

What you get: Standard notation + Tabs, 11 pages

17) Kurt Rosenwinkel - Satellite

Kurt Rosenwinkel plays a solo John Coltranes classic tune "Satellite". Taken from the album "Introduction" by Jochen Rückert released in 1998. Highly recommended!

What you get: Standard notation + Tabs, 7 pages

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